Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Privilege and Responsibility

If we took the privilege of domesticating rabbits and turning them into pets we, the whole community, need to also act responsibly. \

Why build new institutions and societies to pick up after us? Each neighbourhood should have its own built-in rescue societies. And a society needs to be no bigger than a family, or even an individual. If you and I do what we can where we live, work or study, there is no need for centralized institutions, fundraisers, expensive advertisements, etc.

This blog is to help the community meet bunnies that are looking for new forever homes. Please visit often, and help these bunnies in whichever way you can. If nothing else, tell other people about this blog, and encourage them to adopt bunnies featured here rather than buying one in the store and making bunny mill businesses prosperous.

Let's be a TEAM (Together Everyone Accomplishes More) acting proactively, rather than reacting to problems in panic, with bandaid temporary fixes.

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