Ching-Lien, Vancouver: I Love Older Bunnies 

I wanted to thank Julia for all her help with the bunnies.  We weren't sure which bunnies we wanted to adopt so Julia had us see all of them and spend time with them.  I initially intended to adopt a bonded pair from her but ended up with 3.  The third bunny didn't adjust well so after trouble shooting with Julia we decided that the little bunny would be better back with her.  I took another bonded pair from her and we are really enjoying our warren.  

The two we  kept were senior bunnies.  One is 8 and the other is 6 years old.  I love their temperament so much compared to the bunny Julia took back, which was only 18 months old.  The second pair we adopted are 2 and 4 years old.  We find the older bunnies are much more mellow and easy to care for.  The 8 year old is our favourite.  Next time we adopt we will definitely look at the older bunnies!

I house the bunnies in a hutch that is a converted used hutch.  Julia was indispensable with this.  When I explained my concerns about their housing situation she came with the bunnies, prepared to help me modify the hutch.  She put a slat floor in, added a window to it, put in a 'room' for them, and also raised the whole thing so it is off the ground with some of our scrap wood.  She didn't ask me to pay her to do this and she spent a couple of hours of her own time on it.  

Julia knows her bunnies.  I called her when I was worried about one of the bunnies after I had them for several weeks.  She gave me some great advice and also arranged for someone to drop off a natural remedy to me.  From my repeated interactions with Julia, I can attest that she is a very honest person whose heart is all about her rescue work with her bunnies.

Christine P: Learn From My Mistake 

The hardest thing I ever had to do, was giving up my babies. I've had both bunnies since they were rescued, and I loved them with all my heart. I thought I'd have them forever, but due to circumstance beyond my control I was forced to leave town and I had to give them up. So I tried rehoming them on Craigslist and some people showed interest, but I did not feel they were suitable for what my bunnies needed.

Meanwhile I came in contact with Julia from Bunny Homes, who advertised my bunnies on her adoption page for a few weeks. She did find a suitable adoptive home for my bunnies, but my aunt then said she wanted to take them. Unfortunately at the last minute my aunt changed her mind and I was in a pinch. I called back someone that had called me and seemed eager to have them and love them. Sadly I mistook an eager attitude for someone that was going to love and take care of them. Not good, I should have just called Julia back. 

I went the wrong route and trusted the wrong person and my babies suffered because of it. It resulted in my bunnies being reposted as "free to good home", just 1 month later. Fortunately Julia saw the post and immediately took them in. The person kept back my large cage (5x3x3 ft), and I wonder if that was the main reason for her eager attitude to have my babies.

Julia sent me pictures of the bunnies after rescuing them, and I was shocked to see the extent of damage that was done to my babies in just one month of living with the wrong person. The cage had a thick crust on it from the permanent pee. There were pee stains on the bunnies' feet, and poop was stuck and dried out in the hair around their bottom. One of my babies had weepy eyes, and half of her face was naked due to mites eating her skin. Julia had to quarantine them for the first month, and she has been great treating them. She even took them to the vet, and administered the antibiotics for the abscess responsible for the weepy eye problem. 

I know Julia is very knowledgeable and caring, she understands and meets the specific needs of bunnies while in her rescue, and she is doing everything possible to ensure that their next home will be a forever home, and will provide good care for them. I appreciate that her number one focus is for the bunnies, and ensuring they go to the right home. 

I'm glad my babies made their way back to Julia, and I recommend Bunny Homes to anyone who needs help rehoming or adopting bunny rabbits. 

Also, I reccomend her to peoiple who are looking for a pet. If I should ever be in Vancouver area and able to have a pet - I will definitely ensure that I go to her. I tell all my friends to tell their friends that she is very helpful and has a great heart for bunnies.


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