Bunny Vets

I have learned that not all vets are experienced treating rabbit pets. When you choose a vet, make sure other people recommend him/her specifically for bunny rabbits, otherwise your bunny is treated like a cat or dog, and may be harmed or die.

Here you can find vets that are knowledgeable about examining and treating bunies. Our list is short, but building up as we discover more remarkable bunny vets within your reach. Let us know if you come across such vets, and we will consider adding them.

Our official Bunny Homes Vets are:
1.    Dr. D. Rana  - Apex Animal Hospital 
       #102 - 19909 64 Ave Langley
       phone: (604) 514-1444 (24 hr. emergency consult service)

       fax: 604-514-1460

IMPORTANT: Dr. Rana takes donations for our Bunny Homes Neutering and Critical Care Fund, which is used for neutering our rescue male bunnies so they can get adopted, and for other rescue bunnies that come with issues needing medical attention.

Dr Rana has a lot of experience treating bunnies, he came highly recommended by one of his clients (John), who used his services for many years. Dr Rana also has very competitive prices for neutering and spaying bunnies, And his hospital works long hours, 8 am - 10 pm. He is very knowledgeable and equipped for all the needs of rabbits. He even has OXBOW Critical Care, the best milk replacement for baby bunnies that need hand-raising. This is also the best food if your bunny has digestive issues or is otherwise not eating well.

Dr, Rana explained that spaying is a much more difficult surgery for a female bunny than it is for a cat or dog. For that reason you need to choose an experienced bunny vet, and to take good care of your female bunny after surgery.

Recently we discovered another good rabbit vet, and he has done excellent work for our rescue rabbits:
2.   Dr. Daudgee  - All Critters Animal Hospital 

       15950 Fraser Hwy, Surrey (Fleetwood)
       phone: (604) 597-6565

       fax: 604-597-8281

MPORTANTDr. Daudgee also takes donations for our Bunny Homes Neutering and Critical Care Fund

Other bunny vets and animal clinics I have heard about:

Dr. Jennifer Miller is also one of my favourite vets. I do not have her contact info, but other vets can find her for you. She is very knowledgeable about bunnies, and I understand that she currently works in various animal clinics.

Kennedy Heights. 8614 120 Street in Delta, 604-591-5304.

Eagle Ridge in Maple Ridge, 604-464-3343

King George in Surrey, 604-597-7387.

Dr. Potter - West Boulevard in Vancouver, 604-266-74521