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About Us

My name is Julia, I am a regular mom from Surrey, BC and I believe I can do something about at least one issue in my community.

InMay (2011),  I searched Craigslist to adopt bunnies, and .I was surprised to see so many available. Then I discovered that, although most owners talked about adoption fee, it was clear that they were getting tired searching for good homes, and were happy if anyone just took the rabbit(s) off their hands, for free. I also found that many of these free or cheap bunnies were low hanging fruit for reptile owners. Thus I became concerned with both the overpopulation and the protection of rabbits in BC's Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley area. That picture of warm affectionate bunnies being fed alive to snakes stuck with me for a while, and I had no peace until I started doing something about it. Slowly I started looking for adds that were around for a while, and I offered to help rehome their bunnies if they run out of time. At the same time I kept looking for adoptive homes. That worked OK for a while, until I rescued 3 female bunnies with unknown pregnancies, and all of a sudden I ended up with lots of babies to raise. That put pressure on me to rehome the other rescue bunnies ASAP, and the result is this blog.

Unfortunately, many people buy bunnies for an occasion (birthday or Easter), or for teaching a child daily responsibilities, and later on discover they have not properly planned for long term care, or their circumstances suddenly change. I come across numerous bunnies that need rehoming for the following main reasons:
  1. People run out of resources to keep the bunny, including time
  2. People have to move, and the new place has a "no pet" policy
  3. The 10 year old son/daughter is not taking responsibilities regarding the bunny's care
  4. Allergies of a child, boyfriend or roommate.
  5. Stray bunny is found in a park, or in someone's yard.
If people can not rehome the bunny on time, it is often released in a park or a public area, hoping that someone will find and help them. Bunnies are very fertile, and can have a litter of 3-10 babies every 30 days, and they can get pregnant the same day they deliver. Any unspayed female bunny that is  released can lead to hundreds more bunnies in just a year. And with the overpopulation also comes the increase of attacks by wild animals, and by more experienced territorial rabbits.


It is said that any relationship is for a REASON, for a SEASON, or for a LIFETIME, and we have to accept that this is true about pet bunnies, too. My immediate solution in addressing the bunny overpopulation includes the following three programs:

1. ADOPTION (for a lifetime)
I do trial for adoption if people suspect some family members may be allergic to bunnies, if they are trying to find a friend to an existing bunny, or if they are just not sure they have what it takes to keep a bunny. If it does not work out, I take the bunny back and I look for a better match.  Visit our  Adoption page for more info and to see the bunnies currently available for adoption.

2. Temporary BUNNY FRIEND (for a season)
This program is for people in bereavement or just going through a stage of loneliness and search for meaning in life. It is meant to provide temporary housing for rescue bunnies in transition, as well as to promote a therapeutic, affection and hope building dimension for the temporary caregiver. If you think you could use such support from a furry friend, while also giving a home and care to the poor bunny in need, please contact us and we will make the necessary arrangements.

3. BUNNY SHARE for special occasions (for a reason)
This program is meant to reduce impulsive bunny purchases, both from stores and from the internet (craigslist, Kijiji, etc). If you want a bunny for a child's birthday party, a family gathering, kids camp, VBS, or any other special event, don't buy a bunny. I can provide you with the memorable experience and excitement without the pressure of long term commitment.  I have special conditions in place for transportation and event activities, to ensure the bunny is safe and will not get overwhelmed in any way. Most of the times I deliver and monitor the bunny petting myself throughout the event. 

All programs have an open door BUNNY RETURN policy. If anyone's circumstances change and the bunnies need to go, I will take the them back and restart the rehoming process.

I encourage people towards learning to make their own compost and biogas, using bunny litter. I strongly believe this is the long term solution, as it motivates people to take in and keep the bunnies long term, and any investment in feed and daily care has a great return in reducing their electrical and gas bills, as well as their dependence on the grid. This method will also include waste from other pets and from the kitchen, garden, lawn mowing, etc. - thus reducing the amount of garbage hauled weekly to the fields. There are local small businesses that can set up the biogas production and train the population how to use it safely. If more people catch such vision, soon there will be no bunny-rescue societies around.

You and I have the power to make a difference in our community, 
one bunny at a time.