HELP a Bunny

If you are not able to adopt or foster rescue bunnies, there are still ways you can help:

1. Adopt
Adopt a bunny or a bonded couple. Or add a friend to your existing bunny. Please go to our Adoption page.

2. Donate
Funds are always needed for bunny food and vet bills.  When a person is taking on a colony of bunnies in a rabbitat setting, funds are also needed to cover adoption fees- which keep small neighbourhood rescues going. To donate money for our rescue bunnies go to PayPal and send to Even if you don't have a Paypal account, you can make a secure payment with your credit card. If you don't know how, let us know the amount you want to donate, and we will send you a PayPal invoice which is very easy to process.

3. Add "Bunny Petting" to your special event
Whenever we are invited, the bunnies become the hit of the event, and make it that much more memorable for the participants. People of all ages are mesmerized by these little bundles of affection. We charge a small fee for participating, and the exposure helps create awareness of bunnies in need of adoption.

4. Help neuter/spay a bunny
Many rescue bunnies come unfixed, which makes them un-adoptable, and continues the problem of overpopulation. Especially Males are hard to get adopted if they are not neutered. They make a mess, often spraying, and can not be litter trained. Then they can not be placed with other bunnies because they fight all the males (even those neutered), and they want to mate with females. Even spayed females can't put up with their mating, and will have to fight them back. If you want to help neuter a bunny male, you can donate $60 to the vet, or share the cost with a friend.

5. Donate rabbit food, hay, bedding, cage, hutch, accessories ...
Rescue bunnies come from all kinds of  situations, and often are in survival mode. We feed bunnies abundantly while in the rescue, so that they can snap out of survival mode and feel safe.. Other bunnies come with bad habits, wasting a lot of their food. Consequently, we go through hundreds of pounds rabbit food each month, and that can be overbearing on a family budget. Adoption fees are often not enough to cover food costs, let alone bedding and vet costs. We try to make up for the difference by selling a cage, but still our budget is repeatedly overdrawn, and we have no society to back us up with funding. Any little donation of food, bedding, etc. can make a difference.

6. Use the services and products of our sponsors
If you are spending the money anyway, choosing our sponsors will direct a part of your payment to our rescue bunnies. If you are interested in any of the following services, please call 
604-200-1131: for their contact information
  • Therapeutic massage, by a registered massage therapist (Metrotown area). Includes deep tissue massage, Swedish massage and shiatsu, which makes it therapeutic and relaxing at the same time, and is not so hard on the body. You get $20 off per hour if you mention Bunny Homes, and the therapist donates $20 referral fee to our rescue bunnies. 
  • Mobile relaxation massage, by a trained and certified massage technician (Surrey, Langley, New Westminster, etc.). Suitable for family and corporate events, it is done in public, on top of clothing, while sitting in a chair. From your payment a $20 referral fee is donated to our rescue bunnies.
  • Entertainment for birthday parties and other family and corporate events. If you need a magician, clown, face painting, balloon animals, etc. you can book with our sponsors, and they will donate up to $50 (depending on the event) to our bunnies. each time you book with them.
  • Catering for special events, including Canadian and various ethnic cuisines, as well as special diet catering like vegetarian, gluten free, etc. Prices are competitive, and occasionally the service is available even on a short notice. Caterers donate 10% of the revenue to our rescue bunnies
  • Counselling for individuals, couples and families - provided by professionals with Master's degree in Counselling-Psychology. Counsellors donate $30 referral fee to our rescue bunnies.
7. Build a rabbitat in your backyard (we help)
If you have the space, we help you build a rabbitat where you can take a small or large colony of bunnies. They live a lot like wild bunnies, except they live in built nests instead of burrows.