Lost and Found

If you lost or found a bunny, please send us a picture and information and we will post it here, free of charge.

If someone you know found a bunny, please encourage them to give the bunny a chance of returning home. We can help by posting the picture and info here.

If someone you know stole bunnies or is neglectful or cruel to them, please contact your local RCMP and SPCA. Or at least encourage them to bring the bunnies to us so we can ensure they receive the needed care, and rehome them with a caring and responsible person.

PLEASE HELP if you see any of the LOST BUNNIES, or if you know the owner of the FOUND BUNNIES below:

IMPORTANT: Please read the description carefully, as some of the pictures are not of the missing bunnies themselves, but the closest looking pictures found on the net to give you an idea what to look for.

We have no lost or found bunnies listed at this time.