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Most people appreciate having the option to come back and exchange a bunny that, for whatever reason, does not work out for their household. 

Bunnies can live up to 15 years and they need owners that commit to them for their lifetime. However, in case your circumstances change later on, and the bunny has to go, I will take it back. All you need to do is contact us directly or through this blog. 

Below are bunnies available for adoption. A small non-refundable adoption fee applies, which helps pay for rabbit food and vet bills for the rescue bunnies while in our care.

We give bunny replacement guarantee if the bunny you choose does not fit in your home.

Please visit this page often, and invite other people to do the same.

We can make a difference, one bunny at a time!
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Angelina & J.Lo 
A very bonded couple, calm and well behaved. Angelina (orange)  is a 3 yr old female, a cross of lionhead with Jersey Wooley. She does not need any brushing, she grooms herself. Very people friendly. When young and put in a harness with a bell, she would jump like a fairy to make her bell ring. J.Lo (gray) is a 4 yr old  lionhead female. She talks all the time you pet her, like she has an on/off button. She was let behind in a hotel room, and her rescuer paired her up with Angelina a couple of years ago. She's a little bit shy, yet very people friendly. She had 1 litter of babies, and she has also fostered a litter. She is curious and has a beautiful personality.  They are both very social, and have successfully joined a bunny group. They are very calm and peaceful, do not fight nor instigate conflict.

Greygris & Chocolate
Brother and sister from different litters. Chocolate is 4, Greygris is about 3.5 years old. They were kept separated because the male wasn't neutered. We had him neutered, and now they are finally together. They are healthy and happy, they run to you when you approach their area. Very easy going and tame bunnies, and very people friendly. They must be adopted together, in a home that does not have other bunnies. Although great as a couple, they do not do well in a larger group.


Baby Bunnies (7 wk to 6 mo old)

Four cute lion head cross babies, that are about 7 weeks old.  
Female Orangish brown with grey points and two white feet
Male Smooth Coated black
Female Harlequin (orange with grey striping) seems fluffy?
Female Black fluffy
Also available two older black male bunnies (below), one has more lionhead fluff on him (6 months) and the other is sort of a medium hair (4 months).  (white bunny is not for adoption)


Trix is a young male bunny with a long story of rejection. Yet, he is just a little soul, looking for affection and safety, and willing to give affection, in his own way.

Here is the story. Someone dumped four rabbits in a bushy area in Newton, Surrey. One of them died (don't know how), and two males and a female were left  to survive the winter all by themselves. One family in the area took pity on the two black ones, feeding them, but could never catch and hold them. Trix, the brown bunny, was mostly by himself, and he was not lucky enough to find a human family. Some kids sporadically fed him, but no safe place to turn to. Coal, the black male, bigger than him, was always fighting him over the only female available. Somehow, Trix must have gotten to the female, as she had 2 babies early May, and one of them looks just like him. Recently the owner of the property noticed she was preparing to give birth again, and finally contacted us for help. We first managed to catch and neuter Coal. In his absence, his sweetheart gave birth to a stillborn, while Trix was impatiently waiting for her to finish labour and mate. That is when  I managed to catch both. The black couple is now adopted by that family, and the two 4 week old babies are with them, but will be available for adoption (see Tom and Jerry below)

When I got Trix, he was wet, matted and had at least a couple of lbs of mud stuck to his fur in the back. His ears have a couple of rips from old fights with Coal, and possibly other animals. His nose was congested or recovering from bites, and he had some patches of missing fur and bite marks from very recent fights.

When I got him, Trix was very hard to receive any touch. He would go stiff, arch, and go into some kind of generalized muscle spasms. At first I thought he had seizures, but it only happened when I tried touching him. The vet thought he was getting anxiety attacks and discussed the case with other vets, and nobody has seen such a case before. The conclusion was that he would best live freely roaming in a secured backyard.

After about 3 weeks of proper diet, gentle touch, and the company of other bunnies, Trix has stopped having those seizure-like anxiety attacks. I noticed that he just needs firm holding for a few seconds when he starts going stiff, and then he feels safe again and relaxes, without arching and spasming anymore.

I am continuing to desensitize and socialize Trix, but he needs a home that is quiet, patient and allows him to interact on his terms. hopefully he will also have free access to a secured area in the backyard.

Baby Bunnies - Common Story 
 started with elderly owners adopting  two baby bunnies and keeping them together for a few weeks. After the first surprise babies the male "died" (who knows how!), surely to prevent more pregnancies. Just 4 weeks larter she had a second surprise litter,  because she got pregnant right after giving birth. The chocolate baby female in the top picture is from her second litter, and was surrendered to us with mom. Both were adopted, but just a few days later mom gave birth to her third litter, since her older sons have old enough to get her pregnant again. The young heroin mother, by the time she was about 8-9 month old,  already gave birth to about 20 babies - all by surprise pregnancy.

ATTENTION Anyone with young bunnies, by the time they are 3 months old, you must separate boys from girls. Otherwise, by the fourth month they can already be pregnant. You won't even know she is pregnant (it usually doesn't show) until she delivers, which can happen even before she is 5 months old. She can get pregnant immediately after delivering, and you will have a second surprise litter before she is 6 months old. If you have small breeds that can sum up to 2+5+5=12 bunnies. If you have larger breeds it can be 2+12+12=26 bunnies. That is a lot to feed, house, and rehome. Please learn from other people's mistakes, and do not let that happen to your bunnies and your home.

HOW TO TELL. Female bunnies have a little "piramid", with a slit going from tip all the way to the base of the pyramid, toward the back. Boys have a little "tower" with a small circle opening in the top. When bunnies are very young, they look very similar, and it is easy to be wrong about their gender. You must check again when they are three months old, in order to be sure.

WHY BABIES IN A RESCUE PROGRAM? Baby bunnies are not usually abandoned by their new owners. (I have seen only one case of immediate need for rehoming due to severe allergies.) We do not breed bunnies, and we do not rehome babies from breeders. However, we often have babies for adoption because when we rescue a female bunny that "misbehaves", it is usually due to unexpected pregnancy. Also, we help pet owners that have unexpected litters. That usually happens for very young pairs of pet bunnies thought to be same gender. After finding the surprise babies, the owners will immediately separate and  neuter the male. Yet, just four weeks after the first surprise litter, the mom can deliver a second one. HOW? Between the time she gave birth at night, and the time the babies were discovered in the morning, she got pregnant again. This is what "multiplying like rabbits" really means... Pet owners are not usually prepared to care for so many bunnies, and often have difficulty rehoming them. So we coach them how to provide care until babies are weaned off. And we try to line up good homes by the time they are 8 weeks old, so they go straight to their new homes.

Some of the bunnies we helped adopt:


Elvis ADOPTED!!!
Anastasia ADOPTED!!!
Charlie &Angel ADOPTED!!!

Zorro ADOPTED!!!
Cleopatra ADOPTED!!!
Arthur ADOPTED!!!
Romeo&Juliet ADOPTED!!!
Becky & Sniffy ADOPTED!!!

Radio ADOPTED!!!
William & Kate ADOPTED!!! 
Duchess ADOPTED!!!

Molly & Duke ADOPTED!!! 
White Spot ADOPTED!!!
Tuxedo ADOPTED!!!
Bella ADOPTED!!!

Snowy ADOPTED!!!

Blackberry ADOPTED!!!
Bell ADOPTED!!! 
Bailey&Kaluha ADOPTED
Thumper ADOPTED!!!
Cloud ADOPTED!!!

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